Ai-FM - Zapier Integration

Zapier is a web-based service that helps you automate different tasks in two different apps. Whenever a task is performed in one application, you can automate another task to be performed in another application. 

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Set up the Integration

To integrate Ai-FM and Zapier:

Try Now Make a Zap Search Trigger Sign In Authtoken

Supported Triggers and Actions for Ai-FM

Let’s assume you want to create a new contact in Ai-FM whenever a customer is created in Ai-FM. In this case, the trigger is a New Customer created in Ai-FM, and the action will be a New Contact created in Ai-FM.


Let’s have a look at some of the triggers that are supported in Ai-FM


Let’s have a look at the actions that can be performed based on the triggers


Delete a Zap

When you feel that you don’t need a Zap any more, you can delete it by following these simple steps:

Trash Move to Trash