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The ultimate goal
The ultimate goal

The ultimate goal is for the System to proactively predict when a customer will need service, the kind of service, the duration of the service, which combination of workers should be assigned and… once approved by the human being to execute on deploying resources. Essentially, the human being will transition from initiating an action with support of the System to being a reviewer and approver of the System’s recommendations

AI FM includes Native iOS/Android Apps for Clients’ Customers

AI-FM includes Native iOS/Android Apps for Your Customers

No competitor currently offers Native (yes…. NATIVE) iOS & Android Apps for their clients’ customers as an included feature for such a reasonable price (Ultimate Package)

Real Time Intelligence Augmentation Algorithm

Real Time Intelligence Augmentation Algorithm

– The Intelligent Prediction Algorithm differentiates it from the current market offerings.

The System augments the human scheduler to determine which worker is best suited to execute any given job, based on the highest cumulative Customer or Admin rating for that specific type of job, for a specific zip code, at a specific time, in combination with other worker(s), all in real time so that when a customer makes contact you can book the job without delay

– The System adds value Day 1 while the AI gears up

Real Time Intelligence Augmentation Algorithm
AI Functionality

AI Functionality

– The System will leverage deep machine learning, specifically Deep Convolutional Nets (DCNs) that will recognize previously unknown patterns; once the data training set grows rich enough the System will then prioritize DCNs rather than the rigid coding; this is necessary as mountains of tagged & diverse data is needed. Until then, the rigid codified business logic will apply

– In addition, the System will learn what action or combinations will produce optimal results based on the aggregate of all customers’ transactions, holistically, so the System as a whole will produce better results than any one customer’s system could in seclusion
Example: Leveraging natural language processing (NLP) to measure sentiment and predict which customers need to be contacted proactively because they are at risk of churning based on DCN recognized patterns

– In addition, in the meantime, the System will use the data generated from the “If this than that’ coding as a feeder for DCNs so the accumulated data and time invested will be optimized all the way through the process

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3 – Mobile Customer App. (C-APP)

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