Our Platform

Our platform was built MOBILE 1st and DEVELOPED ON THE CLOUD FOR THE CLOUD

Which means that you can use our advanced application with all features easily from your iPhone, Android or Tablet device. It's safe, fast, and accessible from anywhere on the planet - all you need is an internet connection

This is a huge productivity improvement for you AND your field workers, they have access to our application too so they can be in the loop while on the road

Any company with field workers needs to be able to track, manage, and schedule their people, because people = money

We did the hard work upfront for you - our platform is simple, easy, and quick to use

Mobile Field Operations via our AI Powered Cloud

Customer Website Portal

We also provide you with a Website Portal so that your customers can self book for your product or service, saving you time and money - just another value added feature included with the Advanced or Ultimate package

We handle:

- Security

- Front End App Development, Monitoring, Maintenance & Speed

- Back End Development, Monitoring, Maintenance & Speed

- Capital Investment

- All Upgrades

- Quality & Uptime

- Maintaining Integration Syncing with 3rd Party Apps

Customer Success

Customer Management is critical to any organization, especially so when it comes to field workers who often need to work in your customers' homes or business

Track Data


AI FM lets you effortlessly track all your customers' vital data

Such as Name, Phone #s, Email addresses, Locations, Credit Cards, Equipment, Docs, Images, Notes, Payment Terms and even how a particular customer prefers to communicate

Plus, Several fields are customizable to whatever YOU think is critical to your business



Your success depends on providing customers with quick and accurate estimates, we can help make it easy

It's as easy as dragging your cursor over your desired time slot on the calendar and click - done



You can track referrals, provide spiffs, allocate jobs to your field workers and even pay commission or tips if you like



- You can not only track labor but even the drive time to and from the site

- Set job progress statuses

- Capture pre-work and post-work signatures

- View equipment assigned to a job and its work history

- Add activity notes and custom tasks


Our platform was built MOBILE 1st and MARRIED TO THE CLOUD

Which means that you can assign work to your Field Workers from your iPhone, Android or Tablet device, it's safe, fast, and accessible from anywhere on the planet - all you need is an internet connection - it works via our App or SMS text

You can see most relevant information overlaid on a map so you can get a different cut of the data

We Offer

Invoicing / Pmts
Invoicing / Pmts

Our platform completely integrates Invoicing and Payments minimizing your work and chance of errors - with a single click - no need for a third party invoicing/payment processing application

The system is smart enough to handle single one time jobs , right up to multiple recurring jobs - it's that flexible and easy

QuickBooks Online & Desktop Integration
QuickBooks Online & Desktop Integration

When it comes to the back office, we have you covered, no need to leave the App and punch in the same data again in another place, we have integrated with QuickBooks

Your data in AI FM is automatically synced to QuickBooks, all jobs, invoices, and payments

Inventory and Asset Mgmt
Inventory and Asset Mgmt

Inventory is easy with AI FM - you can have one warehouse or several, our system is scalable no matter your business

Time Tracking & Payroll Reports
Time Tracking & Payroll Reports

If you have one field worker or thousands, we can help, we have a simple to use clock in/out feature that you can access via your computer, tablet or smart phone

You can calculate hourly, weekly, monthly and OT rates

Sales Revenue & Commission Reports
Sales Revenue & Commission Reports

Get your hands on Sales reports at a touch of a button, or better yet customize a report the way you want to see it

Get Commission reports by field worker or sales agent

Easily Customizable To Fit Your Needs
Easily Customizable To Fit Your Needs

Our System was designed with our customers in mind, and since each customer is slightly different, we gave you the option to easily customize how you ingest your information

You decide who gets access to every area

Mobile Apps For Your Workforce
Mobile Apps For Your Workforce

With our Ultimate Package , you will have access to your very own Mobile Apps for your Workers AND Customers (iOS & Android)

Your field workers will be empowered to follow real time conversations from the Office (and vice versa) so that your company can improve on execution, including sharing pictures

Advanced Job Management
Advanced Job Management

AI FM provides your company with access to Maps, Directions, Pictures, and Invoicing all in Real Time

Mobile Apps For Your Customers
Mobile Apps For Your Customers

Over 60% of your customers have smartphones and they use them to search for services

Having an app on your cutomers' smartphone puts you ahead of your competitors

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by making it easier for them to reach you

Credit Card Processing

Easiest way for payment processing is via Credit Cards, use our System which has credit built right into the interface

It's secure and competitively priced for you

Keeping your customers credit card info on file will increase the chances of repeat business

Get The Lowest Possible Rates, with AI FM you will also get reporting that analyzes your transactions, free payment gateways with low transaction fees, and of course our Mobile/Cloud 1st designed platform that makes payment processing in the field easy and secure



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